Jamilah is a professional, contest-winning dancer who cultivates oriental dance tradition along with its best, classical patterns. Loved by the Polish audience, admired on international stages. Laureate of the most prestigious international contests. Recognized teacher, invited to workshops by renowned foreign and Polish schools. Graduate of an elite instructor course Certified Academic Teacher's Training (CATT) in Berlin and judge in international competitions.

Performance highlights and recommendations

„She doesn´t need my classes. She is perfect” – said Mahmoud Reda, the father and the guru of oriental dancing about Jamilah.

  • 1st place in Egyptian Category - People’s Choice Award
    Champion of Champions in 23rd edition of Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition 2013 organized by TONYA & ATLANTIS in California (February 2013)
  • European tour with the show "Dark Side of the Crown" within the Bellydance Evolution Project: Mediolan, Rabat, Praga, Berlin i Maribor – starring here (May 2012).

  • part of the main cast of the Bellydance Evolution in Hannover in 2012.
  • winner of another edition of the "Bellydance Evolution Competition" and therefore participant of a unique stage project by Jillina and the European tour (April 2011).
  • 1st place in the International Raks Sharqi Contest, Solo Professional category at the "Sommerfestival" in Berlin (September 2010).
  • 1st place in the International Raks Sharqi Contest, Semi-Professional category at the "Sommerfestival" in Berlin – Jamilah was the first Pole to win this prize (June 2009).
  • 3rd place in the "Bellydancer of the World" contest organised by Leyla Jouvana and Roland in Duisburg (November 2010).
  • "People's Choice Award" (audience prize) in The Bellydance Evolution Competition organised by Jillina (February 2010).
  • finalist of the competition at Eilat Festival (Israel, January 2012).
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    Oriental dancer by profession, Jamilah learned from the most distinguished teachers and living legends of oriental dancing. However, she studied... chemistry. She graduated from the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Faculty of Chemistry, where she studied Chemical and Process Engineering. Her educational background in science is not a limitation in her artistic and creative projects, but just the opposite: it stimulates her disciplined attitude towards her job and a professional pursuit of perfection, and at the same time it makes her a responsible and solid business partner.

    Jamilah started to learn oriental dancing from recognized Polish teachers: Alaya Shirin, Saida and Samira. She made her debut on the stage of the 1st "Nova Orient" Belly Dance Festival in Katowice, 2006, just to win the first place in solo contest and audience prize in the festival’s next edition, in 2007. Since then Jamilah has been working intensively for her next successes. In June, 2008, she wins the Polish Nationwide Oriental Dance Contest organised by "Amira" Dance School in Warsaw, and just six months later, in December of the same year, she represents Poland in the international festival World Dance Week in Mikołajki, where she is the only Pole to get to the final five. In June, 2009, she is the first Pole ever to win the 1st place in the International Raks Sharqi Contest, Semi-Professional category, at the "Sommerfestival" in Berlin, organised by Beata and Horacio Cifuentes. Jamilah was judged by the following jury: Beata and Horacio Cifuentes (Berlin), Khaled Mahmoud (London/Cairo), Lucie Pascalis (France), Ahmet Ogren (Istanbul), Shafeek Ibrahim (London/Cairo). Only one year later (September, 2010) she wins the next edition of the contest, this time in Solo Professional category, leaving behind her competitors from Europe and many countries from the whole world. This time the jury consisted of such stars as: Beata and Horacio Cifuentes (Berlin), Jillina (USA), Shafeek Ibrahim (Egypt) and others. Some time earlier, in February 2010, Jamilah wins the audience prize, "People’s Choice Award", in The Bellydance Evolution Competition organised by Jillina (USA). As the prize was awarded by voting of thousands of internet users worldwide, it is even more appreciated. The same year, in November, Jamilah wins the 3rd place in the "Bellydancer of the World" contest, organised by Leyla Jouvana and Roland in Duisburg. In 2011 Jamilah takes part in The Bellydance Evolution Competition again. However, this time her victory bears fruit in her participation in Jillina's spectacular stage project and entails a tour through the largest oriental stages in Europe. Successively, she performs in Milan, Turin, Prague and Rome together with such stars as Jillina, Kaeshi, Sharon Kihara, Elizabeth Strong, Louchia and Angeles.

    The Bellydance Evolution Competition The Bellydance Evolution Competition

    Finalist of oriental dance competition at the Eilat Festival (Israel) in January, 2012, she raises interest of the most distinguished teachers and choreographers. Only a few months later she is selected to the main cast of The Bellydance Evolution in Hannover, and in May of the same year she starts another European tour with the show "Dark Side of the Crown". Jamilah performs in Milan, Rabat, Prague, Berlin and Maribor, dancing the main role of the Priestess.

    Bellydance Evolution

    Judge for international oriental dance competitions since 2011, among others: Tales of Sahara (2011), Sommerfestival in Berlin (2011), Competition in Mlada Boleslav (2011), Orientalny Koktajl (2011), Nova Orient (2012) and many others.

    Year 2013 starts for Jamilah with huge worldwide success. In February, she travels to California to Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition and she brings the title "Champion of Champions", defeating the most outstanding dancers from around the world. What is more, she wins other awards in the category "Egyptian": Audience Award ("Egyptian People's Choice"), and the Grand Jury prize (the "Champion of Egyptian"). It was the 23rd edition of Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition 2013 organized by TONYA & ATLANTIS. Such stars as Jillina and Aziza took part in this prestigious contest which proves that it can be the beginning of a promising career

    Jamilah keeps working to develop her skills. She learns from the most distinguished international teachers, living legends of belly dance, such as: Mahmoud Reda (Egypt), Beata and Horacio Cifuentes (Germany), Jillina (USA), Orit Maftsir (Israel), Nuriyya (Belgium), Zaza Hassan (France), Mayodi (France), Djamila (Germany), Magdy El Leisy (Egypt/Germany), Nour (Egypt), Marina Oganyan (Russia), Aziza (USA), Khaled Mahmoud (Egypt), Zahra Bent Ammar (Germany), Sahela (Germany), Diana Tarkhan (Egypt). Since 2006 she has been attending regular classes of ballet, which influences the shape and perfection of her unique style, full of elegance.

    Jamilah is a commercial dancer and provides entertainment services for wedding parties as well as cultural and corporate events throughout Poland. Jamilah’s performance, solo or accompanied with her group, is a first class, sophisticated spectacle. Colourful, oriental costumes, perfect performance and elegant sensuality make a professionally prepared, dazzling show. It shall be a great attraction at your wedding and an authentic hit at your event. See more»

    Jamilah is not only a dancer and a contest winner, but also a teacher. She gives regular classes and workshops as well as private lessons. She has been invited by renowned oriental dance schools throughout Poland, a.o. in Cracow, Warsaw, Wrocław, Opole, Łódź, Poznań, Gdańsk, Białystok and other cities. Jamilah proposes dozens of interesting themes and gorgeous choreographies to her students, pays attention both to technique and precision in dancing as well as the beauty of its interpretation, on every level. See more»

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