We encourage you to read the articles about Jamilah and interviews with her. She reveals secrets about her excellent preparation and dancing technique.

  • • Television interview with Jamilah after winning the chamiponship title at the competition in California in the TV program „Pytanie na śniadanie”
    („Master of Chemistry chamiopn of belly dance”)
  • Jamilah
  • The series of interviews for „Dziennik Zachodni” Online. The articles was enriched with short films of Jamilah's performances
    („Dziennik Zachodni”, date: 2013-03-15 17:57:14) )
  • Jamilah TV
    Dziennik Zachodni_logo
    Jamilah TV
  • Very interesting interwiev which reveals how Jamilah managed to win such prestigious competition in the USA. She also talks about her everyday work as a professional dancer
    („Polish dancer was dancing and she attains success”, date: march 2013 )
  • Na Temat
  • The information on wiadomoś about Jamilah's victory in dance cometition in the USA. The photo gallery is also available
    („Polish Dancer Captivates Americans' hearts”, date: 2013-03-05 13:30)
  • Wiadomości24
  • Jamilah as a guest in „Dzień Dobry TVN”
    („Jamilah – Oriental Dance”, date: Wednesday, 2013-04-3)
  • Jamilah TVN
  • "The waterfall of femininity and the performance of senses” - three times „YES” in TV program „Mam Talent”. The judges: Małgorzata Foremniak, Robert Kozyra and Agnieszka Chylińska loved Jamilah.
    („Kozyra was delighted by bottom, breasts and hips”)
  • Jamilah Mam Talent
  • The interview gave by Jamilah to the popular German portal: Two films with Jamilah's dance was added.
    („Nice to meet: Jamilah (Poland). Interwiev mit Jamilah – Belly Dancer of the Universe 2013”,, date: 25. April 2013)
  • Bauch Tanzinfo
  • Report from the Oriental Love Festival 2013 in Serbian television „PRVA” TV – interwievs, fragments of clips, photoes
    („ORIENTAL LOVE 2013" by PRVA TV)
  • Jamilah TV
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